Concerned Mother on Father’s Day


Father’s Day is so different from Mother’s Day, the flower shops are not bombarded with floral orders and last minute arrangements, the local drug stores do not have rows and rows of cards specifically dedicated for fathers, the department stores do not advertise as much and the street vendors who usually flood the corners to sell gift baskets on Mother’s Day are nowhere in sight. Father’s Day is just as important as Mother’s Day.

As a mother I get it, the statistics are staggering more than ever of children being abandon voluntarily by their father. Unfortunately, and rather sad the term “Fatherlessness” is now becoming a trend- fathers are present (still alive) but absent in their child’s life. This trend is changing the direction of our world’s social issues  such as suicide rates, depression, anxiety, increase incarceration, increase dropout rates… These children will not know the meaning of having a father around or understand how to reciprocate and be a good father to their kids. Both girls and boys most likely than not will have future relationship issues and low self-esteem.

If fathers are so important in the physical and emotional development of a child why not embrace and celebrate it as equally. This may not change the statistics but culturally it may change the mindset. Why do society accepts Father’s Day to be less important than Mother’s Day. I can understand the arguments but why separate the importance of celebrating the two days. And for all my independent ladies who are raising kids alone, Father’s Day is NOT your day. Allow your child to recognize you on Father’s Day if they so choose to but it’s nothing to brag about how you need to be recognized on both days since you play both roles.

I love my dad, he has always been in my life and I am thankful he is still living and loving life with me today. We had our moments of bad and good over the years but he has been around when I needed him the most. I am proud to say at 40 years old, I still need him in my life. Being a parent is not an easy job, I appreciate every Mother’s Day. On that day, my husband and kids allow me to be relax, to feel loved and most importantly I feel appreciated. This is the feeling all active, involved, engaging fathers should feel, whether your are the biological father or not, whether your an uncle who supported that kid or a grandfather who help guide that child. Every shopping mall should be packed with shoppers looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift, the floral stands should be full with “man” gifts instead of flowers and some men may like flowers, the drug stores should have an entire card section dedicated to fathers.

I do sometimes wonder if socially we play a part on how the world view fathers. A fathers love for their child should never, ever dissipate. I would like to wish those fathers who loves equally like a mother,  a very happy Father’s Day especially my father and my loving husband.


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