Whose life matters?

The images that were captured through the small lens of a cellphone showing the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille by local law enforcement officers does not rest easy on the minds of many, particularly majority of the African American community. I would be lying if those videos did not make me question the positions of some officers, mind you I said some. I also question and wonder about the thought process of those who really think the statistics of traffic stops and criminal charges of African Americans and Hispanics are equal to White Americans.
We all know with every profession, we have our good and we also have the bad employees. Police cadets enter the workforce with a clear conscience but sometimes corruption and power takes over, the moralistic views are gone and the job becomes routine. Life seems to just happens. Wearing that uniform and badge in contrast makes some of these fine men and women feel like Peter Parker with his spider suit or Clark Kent with the “S” on his chest. I get it! Officers have a dangerous position… they put their lives on the line every time they decide to put on that uniform… they deal with the baddest and the worse type of assholes out there. I get it! They have to make split second decisions… everyone is looked at as a potential treat. I get it! My bestfriend has been an officer for years, I have several family members who are sworn to protect and serve, I have countless of police officer friends, and I myself work for one of the largest and respectable police department here in Florida. As a woman who is married to a black man, I am concerned. As a mother of a 9 year old black boy and a 22 year old respectful young black man, I am concerned.
The injustice for many minorities is real, it happens everyday with many of them going unnoticed, no recording, no Facebook live. I am a minority who sits on the fence on these social injustices because I sympathize with Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter. I see the rationale and I agree with the arguments why each lives do matter. My only argument is we, meaning anyone blue or black lives be held accountable for our actions. An officer can justify and should be able to justify why their gun need to be discharged, allowing a bullet to penetrate someone’s chest or abdominal cavity, causing that person to lose their lives. An officer should be able to justify why shooting a young man in the back while walking away. An officer should be able to justify why within minutes a 12 year old boy was shot while playing in the park with a toy gun. Let’s flip the script for a moment, a man is home alone and hears noises coming from his front door. He reaches over and grab his gun from the night stand. He waits nervously, while aiming the gun at his bedroom door expecting for the worse. The door opens slowly. A strange figure appears and he fires one single shot. BANG! The stranger falls to the ground, the police are called and the stranger was pronounced dead from a single shot to the chest. This shooting was justified, even though this man will still go through the process of our justice system I would think this man will eventually not have any charges filed against him for shooting a stranger who boldly entered his home with criminal intent. This is my point – I believe officers should be held accountable too for the same reason anyone else would be held accountable.
For those who are screaming well what about black on black crime.. Well, what about them? Hold them accountable too. Just because an African American male decides to shoot another person of the same color does not justify or make it ok for anyone to justify the killings of other African Americans. For those who argue, the criminal past of these deceased men like that somehow justify their deaths… I ask where is your heart? We all have that cousin or that uncle who have came across with the law at one point or another – their past criminal history does not make it ok for anyone to shoot and kill them. Their deaths are followed by room-filled funeral homes with mourners because that man or woman was someone to somebody. For those who are screaming anti-police slurs, take a seat. They are loved too. Again, accountability is needed throughout the community, throughout the neighborhood and throughout our law enforcement system.


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