The Palmerias


A few months ago I celebrated my 40th birthday, even though I do not look a day over 25, so I’ve been told…lol. I was excited to start the fortieth chapter of my life. I felt life had been good to me regardless of the circumstances or the struggles I had to endure in previous years. Like many others who have celebrated this special milestone, I wanted something out of the norm. You see normal birthday parties for me was almost non-existent. For previous birthdays, dinner with a few friends or  simple cutting of a cake was good enough for me but not this year. I wanted a small, intimate affair but with a little chic. I have earned the rights to celebrate and be celebrated. I wanted to feel special but most importantly I wanted to feel loved by friends and family who cared enough about me to help me feel special and loved on my special day.

The plan originally started by my husband of two months to throw me a big birthday bash! I was so excited! Again, no one ever took the initiative to throw me a party in a long time and I was never the one to initiate my own birthday party – I’m just not that type of girl. My husband took it upon himself to find the perfect venue for this event, he did drive-bys, he called, he emailed to ensure the space he chose for me was just right and fit my personality.

The Palmerias, is located on a private island of Grove Isle just walking distance from rows of millionaire mansions within city limits of the beautiful city of Coconut Grove. The island has three towers, consisting of two residential condominiums and one hotel, the Palmeiras Beach Club. Let me be the first to tell you, I have been living in Miami for 35 years and I never heard of this island. My husband on the other hand found this place with only two years under his belt. I had to google the name for more information and look at pictures to figure “how” to get there.

Of course, we expected nothing but the very best starting with the guard gate to gain entry to the island to the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine we were served. I did mentioned it was a private island therefore, expect water, water and more water. The waterfront views of the bay were breathtaking. The thundering sounds of the waves crashing on the retaining walls brought on a sense of peacefulness as you wonder the grounds. It is hard not to peer in amazement of this 360 view of plush landscape, blue water and beautiful skies.

We spoke directly with our coordinator, Abigail and allowed her to assist us with our needs – small, intimate but yet tasteful and not only referring to the food. We reserved the Patron room, where large barrels of Patron was all over hence the name. The room was eclectic with a bar and large couches for lounging and mingling. What I loved the most, was the room was able to transition into a private room for dinner and we were able to open the doors for that picturesque view of the bay. Oh, and let’s not forget that ocean breeze only Mother Nature herself could produce and never be duplicated.

This was a true unique experience and I am so happy that we had the flexibility that was offered to us by the Palmerias. Of course, I enjoyed my moment but most of all I was truly excited and most thankful for the next chapter of my life.


2 thoughts on “The Palmerias

  1. Congratulations on your marriage and 40th milestone!

    Thanks for sharing!

    I am the kind of girl to plan a party so, I’m planning my own big 40th and Fab bash. I haven’t had a party since turning 30 and athough I contemplated hard before doing this 40th. I felt that I’d been through so much in the past year that I felt that I really deserved to be happy and celebrate.

    So, you are an inspiration!

    You look great, by the way, deffinitely don’t look 40.
    Be blessed and enjoy!!!


    1. Thanks for taking your time to read my blog. Feeling appreciated is always a natural human feeling – so yes everyone should be celebrated. At 40, we can say we have lived life, experienced so much even though we probably have another 40+ to go…😊. Enjoy turning 40 hun, you sound like you will have an amazing time.. Happy early birthday 😘


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