More than just food…

The Gentrification of Wynwood and the Miami Design District in Miami, Florida has created more than 70 art galleries, retail stores, bars, restaurants, antique shops and this area is home to one of the largest street art in the world. These two area boundaries are connected with the electric charm and colorful character that represents the City of Miami so well.

For those of us old enough to remember, these two areas were not always so well described and admired by locals and definitely not by tourists. The once lower middle class area, previously occupied by drug dealers on one corner, prostitution soliciting the other corner, vacant trailers and old run-down warehouses are a thing of the past. The Wynwood and Miami Design District of today has evolved and has gained attention all over the world. Any given day you will find tourists armed with cameras, people posing for a quick selfie in front of large wall murals or people like myself who just gawk at every piece of art. The day-life and the nightlife has definitely paved this area to be the go-to-place for both the young and old and even the in-between.

If you have a passion for art then the buildings are just as eclectic. The old character, feel and charm is still apparent. Many of the art galleries, bars and restaurants were once old homes or clothing factories from the early 1900’s. One restaurant, we recently visited was Morgan’s located at 28 NE 29th St is one of those renovated homes turned restaurant. The old vintage charm still be can felt outside the front porch, up the staircase and through the “dining” areas that were once bedrooms located upstairs. The bench-like seats, the comfortable and the long tables allow for a casual brunch over a feel-good homey cooked meal. The menu includes meals like chicken and waffles, Mac and Cheese and Eggs Benedict. I chose to have the parched eggs and the smoked salmon which was simply delicious! My husband decided to have the hearty omelet with five fillings. There are ample parking space and the best part is that the menu remains the same for the entire day.

While the neighborhood has changed for the better. Tourism has become the norm in this section of Miami. Visitors and locals no longer keep driving through. The scenery of the outside art work instantly draws attention and brings a couriosity to walk instead of drive. There are multiple restaurants between these two area – so much to choose from but I would say Morgan’s is definitely a great pick for any time of the day, for any occasion.


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