A picture is worth a thousand words

Have you ever looked at an old picture and you can almost place yourself back at that very moment. You remember those feelings you felt, you remember the smallest details that led up to that moment, you remember who you was with, and probably what you even ate that day! Like the saying goes… “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
Photography and the art of simply taking a great picture has always fascinated me and I am excited to add professional photographer to my accolades. Over my lifetime, I have taken thousands of pictures with the innovation of the camera phone this number has increased tremendously. I am always looking for that perfect, candid moment where I can capture a smile, a touch, a kiss, a warm embrace, a look that will freeze time.  I have sinced invested in a Canon Rebel T6 but my iPhone is always near. I want to capture moments that breaks away from the traditional pose, smile and click. That’s my sole purpose of launching my own photography business – capturing moments to last for generations.
Here is another saying, “if you want it done right, do it yourself”. This was my second reason for starting my own photography business.
I was newly engaged and of course I needed to take engagement pictures. I had a vision of doing a destination photoshoot in Chicago. I was hoping for a snowy photoshoot along Chicago’s beautiful downtown, Magnificent Mile and Millennium Park. We did not get snow but the scenery was beautiful in November! Unfortunately, the pictures were a bit blurry and out of focus and we were not able to used any of them for our wedding.
During the arrangements for my wedding, the coordinator from my venue recommended a local photographer. I was disappointed yet again, not because of the images taken but the images that were not taken. Like most married couples, I wanted very detailed captured from my candy table, to the place cards to the natural backdrop of the Atlantic ocean. I want to look back at those pictures 10 years… 20 years… 30 years from now and put on the biggest smile. Even if my memory fades, I want to look at those pictures and say that young lady had a beautiful wedding.
So back to photography, yes capturing ALL moments is important to me and it adds value to my business as I grow it. Allowing my clients to be themselves with little directing are my favorite moments to capture. Allowing silly things to happen and turning them into perfect still images that cannot be duplicated – is the business I am in.
As I embark on this new chapter of my life’s journey, I want to encourage anyone who always had a vision of something different even if the concept is the same. I encourage you to seek, dig deep and fuel your own soul of desires. #Be Bless

Virgeline Simone Roland Of VS Photography


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