Class of 2 0 1 7…

I never attended my high school graduation. I was in another country during my commencement ceremony therefore the option to attend was far-fetched. I later collected my diploma after returning back home to Miami and decided to attend college locally.

I never attended my Junior College commencement ceremony. I just did not think it was important. I remember thinking what’s the big deal – I guess I pushed off feelings for what I felt when I could not attend my high school graduation. The only difference was, my decision to attend this commencement was by choice.

Several years later, I decided to re-enroll to a university to pursue my Bachelors. I was married with three girls and I wanted to nothing more to do well for them. This time it was different, I wanted my girls to see me walk across that stage and earn my degree. I wanted them to know that with everything that you do, do it with purpose. I know they watched me studied morning and night. They watched me fall asleep with books, pens and laptop next to me. They watched me get up every day and report to work. I crossed that stage and for that moment, I thought I heard my kids screaming with excitement for me.

Directly after earning my Bachelors, I continued to earn my Masters in 2012.   The same commitment, work ethics and will-power followed. The same eagerness, desire, and perseverance to cross that stage to earn another degree as my children scream “yeah mommy!!” from the seats above was the most self-gratifying thing I could have done.

With everything you do, do it with dignity and pride. Be grateful for all opportunities given to you because there is someone out there who desires the same and might be looking to you as an example. Congratulations to all class of 2017 from the colleges students to the kinder students!


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