Making moments last!

I love a great photo! I remember telling my kids that if we ever have a house fire (knock on wood) to grab the container that holds our family photo albums. Thanks to advance technology on our smart phones, we can basically capture moments every day. So, this blog is not about technology or smart phones but simply about how important photos are and how I encourage everyone to capture as many moments as possible… and its not because I am a photographer.

A few months ago, I gather a group of women together to do a Mother’s Day project. This project was simple – to give a deserving mom a day of pampering. I connected with a makeup artist, a wardrobe stylist, and a local organization that caters to Parents and Teens. An online survey was completed, high school seniors had a chance to nominate one person for this award. The process was a bit overwhelming because all the nominees were deserving but we were only choosing one mom.

My sole purpose or vision for this project was to allow this mom to be catered as least for one day. The mom and daughter greeted me with a warm, shy hug. I noticed a shift of this mom’s confidence level quickly after she got dressed and had her hair and makeup completed. As the photographer on set, I had no problem making her feel confidence or to be relax during the shoot. The best part of this project is that her daughter, who nominated her was able to get a makeover also and join her mom in the photo-op. I was told that it’s been years since they both had a photo session. The connections between them were beautiful. As a business owner it swells my heart that I could make such an impact by just standing behind the lens. Yes! Capture those moments and make memories to cherish along the way.

Wardrobe/Boutique: Kies Boutique by Jache
Makeup Artist: (Instagram) prettierica22
Photographer: Virge Simone Images
Parenteen Moments LLC


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